A fan spent 4 months creating epic cut scenes from Marvel movies

A fan of Marvel Studios under the nickname Gugga Leunnam has published the third video from a series of epic cutting scenes from films of the cinema universe. For this, the fan spent four months, during which he selected suitable frames and made transitions. In a few minutes, almost all familiar characters manage to appear […]

The second trailer for the animated «Addams Families»

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer shared a second teaser for the animated restart of the Addams Families. The video reveals the plot backstory, but perhaps too much spoiler. In the story, Wensday made friends with a classmate, which leads to unexpected and controversial consequences. In the cinema since October 31. Starring Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz, Finn […]

Andy Serkis: «Tom Hardy helped write the Venom 2 script

This week it became known that the directorial chair of the sequel “Venoma” will be occupied by Andy Serkis. The actor and director agreed with Sony after a short negotiation. During the TCA press tour, he briefly talked about the upcoming picture: We are at the beginning of the film. I have clear ideas about […]

David Litch: «Deadpool 3» does not have to have an adult rating

After Disney bought 20th Century Fox and returned the rights to films about mutants, rumors about the appearance of Deadpool in the cinematic Marvel only intensified. Disney CEO Bob Iger said this week that the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool officially became part of Marvel Studios. Amid these events, Yahoo reporters asked Deadpool 2 director […]

Avengers authors confirm Thanos blade is stronger than vibranium

An hour-long audio podcast has been published online, in which directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Marcus, talk more about the various aspects of the film. Toward the end of the podcast, they confirmed that Thanos’s blade is indeed stronger than Captain America’s shield. Steve Rogers' shield is […]

Jungle Kills — Netflix Green Frontier Trailer

Netflix service introduced the full trailer for the crime thriller Green Frontier. The series will tell about the detective Helena from Bogotá, who will investigate the mysterious murders deep in the Amazonian jungle. In the course of events, Helena will find out that the biggest mystery is not murders, but secrets that are best left […]

David Litch: The Divison Film Underway

David Witch and Deadpool 2 action director David Litch shared new information about the upcoming film adaptation of The Division, which was entrusted to him. He said that he has a lot of material for a future scenario that has not yet been written. I am delighted with the material, this film will be next […]