Lana Del Rey’s song for the movie “Scary Stories for a Story in the Dark” Released

Lana Del Rey's song for the movie “Scary Stories for a Story in the Dark” Released -

There was a recording of the song Season Of The Witch, made by singer Lana Del Rey for the film “Scary Stories for a Story in the Dark”. The project was produced by Guillermo del Toro. The film was directed by Andre Ovredal (Troll Hunters).

The original Season of the Witch song was released by Donovan in 1966. She entered the Sunshine Superman album. Subsequently, the composition was performed by dozens of famous musicians. The song was included in the soundtrack of the film "Time of the Witches" by George Romero. She also sounds in many other full-length pictures, series and television shows.

The company of teenagers has to solve the mystery of sinister deaths that terrify the entire district. Children must overcome fear in order to save their city …

The script is based on the popular horror trilogy of Alvin Schwartz, illustrated by Stephen Gummell. It was written by Kevin Hagman and Dan Hagman, who previously worked on the film “LEGO Movie”.

The first part of the trilogy was released in 1984. The author was inspired by folklore and urban legends. Each book is a collection of short stories on various topics. Monsters Big Finger, Pale Lady, Red Dot and Long Man will appear in the film.

“Terrible stories for a story in the dark” was released in Russian hire on August 8.

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Author: Olga Scherbinina

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