Director Quentin Tarantino, who arrived in Russia for the premiere of his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, attended excursions at the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

The bulk of the tour of the Kremlin for the director was conducted by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky. Tarantino vividly reacted to all the stories, constantly asked questions, was delighted with the Tsar Cannon, and even rubbed the Tsar Bell for good luck, TASS reports.

“What needs to be done to be buried in the Kremlin, or at least next to the Kremlin?” Tarantino asked.

He was told that for this you need to be at least a member of the royal family. Also, the director really wanted to know if it is true that musician Dean Reed was buried in the Kremlin wall.

“Writer John Reed is buried in the Kremlin wall,” Medinsky explained.

The director also visited the exhibition "Keepers of Time", dedicated to the restoration.

On August 7, Tarantino, in the company of producers Shannon Mackintosh and David Hayman, will attend the Moscow premiere of his film.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will be released in wide Russian distribution on August 8th.

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Author: Olga Scherbinina

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