The film "Alita: Battle Angel" paid off and has decent fees at the box office, although he is far from records. Fans are hoping for a sequel, but after Disney acquired Fox, no one knows if there will be a sequel.

The star of the film, Rosa Salazar, who played Alita, hopes that there will still be a sequel. In an interview with Film, the actress said that she would play the character until the last breath.

I would play Alita until my last breath. Thanks to motion capture technology, I can do this as much as I like.

Rose will not be prevented from playing Alita time — she can continue to delight fans thanks to the wonders of computer graphics, the quality and plausibility of which will only grow. When asked if she had heard anything about the sequel, Rose replied:

Not yet, but I suggest you buy a movie on Blu-ray. Perhaps then we will see a continuation, although I myself have not heard anything about him.

It remains only to wait and hopes that we will see the continuation of “Alita”. Moreover, the authors left a good reserve for the continuation of the story. And the original source in the form of manga is rich.

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