Scenes cut from the movie screen allow fans to stretch their favorite picture with pleasure. Most of them are deleted for a reason — there are good reasons, but when we get to them, we perceive them as a couple of additional gifts for the new year. And in “Avengers: Final” there will be many such scenes.

The film itself lasts three hours, but this month’s Blu-ray home release will receive six more scenes lasting less than five minutes. We already know general information about what these scenes are, but why were they abandoned in the first place? Finals screenwriters Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely talked about the reasons for each item in an interview with io9.

Goji berries

The first removed scene is presented by Tony and Pepper, who joke about berries and reveal that they have alpacas. The action takes place immediately after a five-year break, before telling my daughter that it is time to have lunch.

Christopher Marcus said that in a certain way the scene represents a bunch of everything that was written in two films, representing the life of the characters before the plot disrupted their plans. Many of these scenes were cut because "the plot has not yet reached them." In the case of the Final, the scene when Tony goes to call Morgan already plays the role of everyday life, at the same time discovering something new.

Unanswered question

When the Avengers plan their time manipulations, Rowdy asks Steve about Tesseract. In particular, why he crashed the ship in the finale of "First Avenger", and not jumped out. There was no answer.

According to Marcus, part of the charm of the scene is that it is a meta, as it became a reaction to the many questions received about the ending of the film that remained unanswered.

McFeely added that the scene could go on forever. They wrote a lot of these and even shot a few. Unfortunately, there was no time for additional discussion of each stone.

The lousiest army in the galaxy

The Avengers watch videos from the Battle of New York. The rocket laughs at how much time it took to defeat the alien army, which he calls the lousiest army in the galaxy.

The reason for deleting this scene is identical to the previous one. She is funny and draws attention to how the Avengers could solve the problem without all this fuss — to destroy the mother ship instead of wasting time on the "infantry". However, the team had to disassemble two more stones and the scene went under the knife.

So you lived here!

In Asgard in 2013, the Rocket catches Thor with pissing and asks for direction, but Thor could not help him. But the next scene already coped with the case. Since the team had two scenes on hand at once, before Thor and the Rocket approached the stone, one had to be sacrificed.

Tony and Howard

At one point in 1970, Tony and Howard go outside, and the father asks his son to work for him.

According to the scriptwriters, the scene was cool and hardly changed, but the same lack of time led to the need to abandon the moment.

Avengers on the knee

We have an EXCLUSIVE @Avengers deleted scene from #Endgame that gives fans a heroic must-see moment →

— USA TODAY Life (@usatodaylife) July 26, 2019

After Tony Stark sacrifices his life, the remaining Avengers kneel as a tribute.

According to the scriptwriters, the moment was not planned and, most likely, the Russo brothers proposed it. No specific knee worship was indicated in the script. The problem is that the moment looked artificial — as if the characters had time to plan this gesture in the middle of a battle. Moreover, in the following minutes, they already cope with the task of showing how much the characters appreciate the sacrifice of Tony.

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