The other day, the SIGGRAPH conference started, at which one of the panels was dedicated to the special effects of Avengers: Endgame. THR has compiled key details from a performance by Marvels Studios VFX producer Gen Anderdal.

The film consists of 2698 frames. In 2496 (approximately 92% of all scenes), special effects were applied in one way or another;
14 studios specializing in VFX worked on the creation of visual effects for the film. Among them was Industrial Light & Magic, founded by George Lucas;
In the tape there were about 200 frames with the use of "rejuvenation" and "aging" of actors (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans). This was the studio Lola;
Two teams worked on the creation of Thanos — Weta Digital and Digital Domain.

On the panel, we decided to highlight the process of creating a smart Hulk. Industrial Light & Magic had to find a balance between the appearance of Mark Ruffalo and the green giant. The movements of the hero himself were animated using both motion capture and manually.

"Avengers: Final" has collected in the global box office $ 2.793 billion, becoming the highest grossing film in history. James Cameron has already managed to congratulate Marvel on the record.

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