Comilfo Publishing House released the comic book Spider-Man. Away from home. Prologue".

Forever beggar, living with an aunt and rarely getting outside New York (if only by mistake) — this is how we used to see Spider-Man. Nevertheless, its screen version in a couple of years managed to visit many countries and even to another planet! How so?

Apparently, all this time we read the wrong comics. It's time to fix it! In the collection "Spider-Man. Away from home. Prologue ”includes not only the comic book adaptation of“ Homecoming ”, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film about the Spider, but also several stories from various eras of“ The Amazing Spider-Man ”.

Amazing Spider-Man # 95 straight from the 70s will tell about Peter's journey to London, where he has to fight terrorists!
Amazing Spider-Man # 311 — the very end of the 80s, the legendary wounds of MacFarlane / Mikelaini and the return of Misterio, one of the main spider villains, who also made his successful debut on the screen in “Away from Home”! "The amazing Spider Man. World level ”# 9 and 10 — Peter’s trip to Earth orbit and a hard landing in Europe, where he will again face terrorists from the Zodiac group.

An excellent excursion into the history of the character both in the comics and on the screen for all fans of the Spider and those who are only planning to get acquainted with the Greatest Hero of the Earth.

Softcover, 136 pages.

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Author: Olga Scherbinina

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