Rumor: Disney is preparing another remake of animated classics

According to the sources of the publication We Got This Covered, Disney can take on another remake of his animated classics. This time the studio decided to re-shoot the 1986 cartoon The Great Mouse Detective. According to rumors, the picture will be half-game, and half shot using computer graphics. In the center of the plot […]

Rumor: Jamie Foxx and Giancarlo Esposito can play in Batman

Not so long ago, there was a rumor that John David Washington, known for the "Black Clan", is in talks about the participation in the "Batman" Matt Reeves. According to the source, the actor can get the role of Two-Faced. Now, other rumors have appeared that Jamie Foxx (“Baby Drive”) and Giancarlo Esposito (“Breaking Bad”) […]

Rumor: Cast «Eternal» may replenish with new actors

There was a rumor that Barry Keogan and Gemma Chan are in talks to participate in the eternal Marvel blockbuster superhero. Keogan is known for his roles in the TV series Chernobyl and the tape Killing the Sacred Deer, while Chan has appeared in the MCU earlier, playing Minn-Herva in Captain Marvel. Whether she will […]

Rumor: John David Washington will become Two-Faced in the new «Batman»

According to the publication Geeks WorldWide, the role of the opponent of the Dark Knight Harvey Dent / Two-faced can play John David Washington. However, the contract with the actor has not yet been signed. Washington and Batman actor Robert Pattinson have already worked together — they starred in Christopher Nolan's Tenet film. In the […]

Rumor: Namor will become the main villain in «Black Panther 2»

According to sources, the Marvel studio has decided on a villain to continue the Black Panther. They will become Namor. Being a mutant by birth, he is the son of a human sea captain and a princess of the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis, has superhuman strength and capabilities of the Homo Mermanus race, as […]

Rumor: Demon Nightmare will become Dr. Strange’s new adversary

At the past Comic-Con it became known that the sequel to “Doctor Strange” will be called “Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness.” Paired with the main character (Benedict Cumberbatch) will appear Scarlet Witch performed by Elizabeth Olsen. Director Scott Derrickson said the film would be more like a horror movie. Perhaps the main villain […]