The digital version of Avengers: Endgame (Avengers: Endgame) was released on Tuesday. It includes not only cut scenes from the film, but also the comments of directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Marcus.

Here are the most interesting revelations of the filmmakers:

The first person viewers see in Avengers: The Final is Ava Russo, daughter of director Joe Russo. She plays Laila Barton, the daughter of Hawkeye, which Clint teaches to shoot from a bow. The scene was planned for "Avengers: Infinity War", but the brothers left it for the "Final".
During the scene where we first see costumes for time travel, Mark Ruffalo explains how time travel works. Screenwriters said this explanation is very close to how genuine quantum physicists explained a possible time travel.
The scene in which Thor and the Rocket travel in time back to Asgard was filmed in the Durham Cathedral of England. It was one of the few scenes that they shot during the creation of the Infinity War, but intended to use it in the Final.
The film was the last role of Robert Redford in the movie. The actor said that he retires at the age of 82 years.
Howard Stark, Tony's father, brings sauerkraut to his pregnant wife, because this is what screenwriter Mom MacPheeley's mother really wanted when she expected it.
The scene in which Tony Stark, wearing an infinity gauntlet, snaps his fingers and declares, "I am Iron Man," was one of the most powerful in the film. The filmmakers said that this was the last scene during the production of the film. She was filmed in January 2019 at the Hollywood studio Raleigh Studios, near the place where Robert Downey Jr. passed the first test for the role of Tony Stark. The circle is closed.
Screenwriters and directors dubbed glasses-bearing hero Mark Ruffalo a smart Hulk, and McPheeley said his story was originally planned for Infinity War. But this did not fit the film, so it was cut out of the picture.

I don’t think we would have time to tell this story in Infinity War

Anthony Russo

All cut scenes from "Avengers: Final"
      Together with the release of the digital version of "Avengers: Final" on the network …

“Avengers: Final” was released on April 29 in Russia and became the highest grossing film in history to overtake Avatar by $ 4 million. The digital release of the film should strengthen the record.

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